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New Fieldhouse Built for Outdoor Sports

Brynne Herzfeld, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After ten months of construction, the school received a much-needed new field house offering increased locker room and gym space and accommodates all outdoor sports except golf. With so many female athletes, the girls benefit the most from the upgrade.

“For many years we have been short of available space, particularly locker rooms, for many of our female sports,” Athletics Director Donald Clayton said. “For many years, we have struggled to find room for all of our girls involved in sports.”

Though the original bond estimated the construction would finish in the spring of 2018, the district agreed to speed up the process due to the relatively small size of the project compared to other bond issues, such as the construction of six new schools.

“We had asked for an August 2015 start but that couldn’t be done, so they agreed to start on it in August 2016,” Clayton said. “We really needed the space as soon as we could get it.”

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Brynne Herzfeld, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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New Fieldhouse Built for Outdoor Sports