Spirit Circles moved to 2.5


Sam Adams

Drumline members march toward the rotunda. Cheerleaders as well as members partake in Spirit Circles, which now take place during 2.5

Sarah Sheikh, Staff Writer

The resonant striking of pronouncing drums, the spirited engagement of cheerleaders and the carefree smiles all contribute to a light pre game atmosphere. If you want to be completely immersed in school pride, there is nothing attending a Cinco Ranch High School spirit circle, which is now taking place during 2.5.

Last year, as the football team progressed towards the play-offs, the student body requested some modifications to the current spirit circle system in an effort to increase cougar pride. After talking to the administration, they decided to move the spirit circle from before school to the 2.5 period.

“The very first one we had last year was such a huge success that we continued it, and looked into it for this year,” Varsity Cheer Coach Loren Williamson said.

Although the spirit circle takes place at school, there are not enough students in the morning to participate. By moving the spirit circle to 2.5,  a significant amount of the student body showed up to display their pride.

“I think it really allows the student body to get involved,” Williamson said. “It gets us in a more tight location. The sound of the drums underneath the rotunda is so fun and exciting. I actually get goose bumps everytime I hear them.”

The highlights of the spirit circle are the cheerleaders and band who are consistently practicing to make routines more fluent for us to enjoy. Both begin practicing weeks before school starts to perfect their performance.

“The band and I collaborate so well,” Williamson said. “We’re always on the same page, [and] always ready to work together.”

According to Williamson, the switch will allow students to participate comfortably without having to get to school early.

“To see the smiles and joy on their faces, on our football player’s faces, brings a smile to my face and for the student body as well,” Williamson said.