Marrie named campus Teacher of the Year

Second-career educator brings corporate work experience into classroom instruction


Anita Kuhlmann

CRHS Teacher of the Year, Mike Marrie (center) is awarded the campus distinction by Associate Principal Patti Smith, Instructional Coaches Erica Robinson, Jacque Ekeoba, Kim Johnston, Principal James Cross and CTE instructor John Bryan.

Ed Larsen, Student Publications Adviser

Global Vine adviser and digital media instructor, Michael Marrie was named campus Teacher of the Year Monday. Building principals and curriculum instruction specialists surprised Marrie with the announcement and then notified the campus by PA announcement.

“I am honored and humbled by this recognition, especially when I consider the number of core subject teachers who spend day after day grinding it out,” Marrie said. “I feel undeserving of this award when so many in this building work much harder than me.”

Before beginning his teaching career, Marrie work in worked in corporate IT with Academy Sports. He will now move on to compete for district secondary teacher of the year honors against other Katy ISD senior and junior high campus winners.