Hair, piercing dress code changes affect all students

Eryn Lyle, Staff Writer

On the first day of school, students heard some surprising news in homeroom: the district dress code policy changed.

“The school’s goal was to make dress code more consistent,” teacher Shawn Richard said. “We wanted the same rules across the board.”


Unlike previous years, non-natural hair color is now allowed, including shades like blue or purple. Already, students can be seen in the hallways sporting new bright styles, including sophomore Stephanie Grace.

“I like (the dress code) because I get to have blue hair,” Grace said.  “I decided to color it because I went to a Paramore concert, but then kept it.”

However, there are some restriction. Any hair colors that are distracting to others are not allowed, with the level of distraction based on teachers’ discretion.

Another rule that has been modified is the ban on sideburns. Sideburns and other facial hair is allowed, as long as it is “clean and well-groomed,” and non-distracting.


Piercings of any type are permitted, including multiple ear-piercings, gages, nose rings, and eyebrow piercings. For people with new piercings that need to set, the expansion of the piercing rule comes as a relief.

“It means a lot less worrying in the morning,” senior Ariel Alexander said. “I don’t have to go through the process of flipping my piercing up each morning.”

Just like hair color, there are limits to the allowance of piercings. Anything that causes a safety hazard to the student or others will be considered against the rules and must be removed.


A comparatively minor rule has also been amended: rips in the upper part of pants are now allowed as long as there are leggings or tights beneath. While this was being practiced by most teachers the past few years, it is now a consistent dress code policy across the district.

However, the rule for dresses, shorts, and skirts has not changed. All must fall at or below mid-thigh regardless of whether they are worn with leggings.


A guide to Cinco Ranch's dress code. Graphic by Eryn Lyle
A guide to Cinco Ranch’s dress code.
Graphic by Eryn Lyle