The Cinco Ranch Theatre Student’s Point Of View – The Play That Goes wrong

A Play Within A Play


Nia Chavez, Staff Writer


Cinco Ranch Highschool theatre company has introduced the school to a play called “The Play That Goes Wrong”.


“Taking place in the 1920s a drama society trying their hardest to put on a show about a murder mystery, despite everything going wrong.” Britney Nguyen said. “The play is pure comedy. They really are trying their hardest to keep the show going, but this show is just proof that failure is so very entertaining.”


Preparing for a play the theatre company has been preparing since last year taking the crew six weeks, Including their time, love, and effort for a worth-watching outcome. 


“I think the play is going to make the audience feel as though things are not as they appear, it’ll bring them a large amount of amusement.” Fayth Walsh said. 


“I would hope they’re astonished by the show they had just seen, but mostly I think they’ll be amazed that what they expected to be a high school theatre production was such a higher-level comedic experience. The good kind of shock that you wake up with the next morning.” Britney said. 


Putting time and effort into a play wasn’t just for the feeling of how they felt but how they wanted to see their audience want to come back to another show and enjoy the feeling of being able to watch a Cinco Ranch Highschool play. 


“Despite the stressful process, this show has given me so many reasons to grow as a person. It has taught me so many leadership skills and given me a place to belong.” Fayth said. 


Being able to be a part of a crew team has made Fayth and Britney feel whole, not only in the theatre company but the school itself.