Before The Chandelier Falls

Senior reflects on preparation for school musical

Before The Chandelier Falls

Nicha Bruce

Blinding lights, piercing vocals, lilting melodies, sweeping declarations of love, and a falling chandelier all come together in the Phantom of the Opera. Every two years, the Fine Arts Department puts on a musical production that collaborates with choir, theatre, band, and orchestra. After tireless months of rehearsals, they will perform the Phantom of the Opera, an incredibly ambitious show for a high school production.

“Having to balance this show, competitions, other productions, other extracurriculars, and school work while trying to maintain somewhat of a social life has definitely not been easy,” senior Haley Hudson said. “But the hard work, the blood, sweat, and tears all pay off when you finally put together an entire musical. I’ve had to manage my time like crazy during this experience to stay afloat in everything I’m involved in. However, the beautiful production we have created makes it 100% worth it,”

Hudson plays the role of Carlotta, the opera’s prima donna who sings arias and spends much time lamenting the Phantom’s presence. This role and production will mark the end of Hudson’s involvement with theatre after 12 years of participation before she attends Texas A&M University studying communications.

“I wanted to end my theatre career with a bang and get to spend valuable time with my cast-mates before graduation,” Hudson said. “Carlotta’s a diva, sometimes I feel like a diva, but I can’t act like it because it isn’t socially acceptable. But when I’m playing her, all of that sass comes out, and I can have a lot of fun with that aspect,”

The musical, characterized by its mesmerizing score, dizzying set changes, and opulent costumes, has captivated audiences for decades. With its plot focused on a tragic love story, the show is sure to entertain all.

“The plot is deep and complex and can be interpreted in many ways.” said Hudson. “I see it as a grand exemplification of inner conflict, trust, pride, and comedy. Every aspect of this show moves me and makes me think, and even though I’ve been a part of the main cast for months now, I learn something new and interesting about this production every single day.”

Originally scheduled to open Thursday, Feb. 3, the show has been rescheduled due to inclement weather. Tickets are still on sale online and at the door. The show’s schedule has been moved forward by a day, with Thursday’s show being performed on Sunday. Friday and Saturday performances are still on as scheduled.

“It is simply beautiful,” Hudson said. “You can see all of the hard work that went into this production and all the incredible talent in this show. I absolutely adore everyone involved in this production, and every single one of them is deserving of a packed and exhilarated audience. We will not disappoint you, so join us for a magnificent night at the opera.”