One Love: The CRHS Girls Varsity Soccer Team


Forward Liz Campos plays in the girls varsity soccer game on 1-11 vs. FBAHS.

Bea Lunardini, Editor

The Cinco Ranch High School girls varsity soccer team can be described with several numbers. They have 18 players on the roster. Nine of those players are seniors. Overall, they have won six of their nine games so far this season. The most important number for the team, however, is one: the one love that they all share for soccer, and for each other. 


“If I had to describe the team in one word, it would be united.” said Izzy Rodriguez, four-year varsity member and captain of the team. “We really focus on unity and togetherness, which makes us different from most soccer programs. We focus on being a family.” 


It is that sense of community that helps the girls get through practice, an exhausting routine that takes place every day. Practice may start when the seventh period bell rings, but the preparation comes long before then. 


“We usually start off the second that the bell goes off for sixth period.” said Rodriguez. “We run to soccer. We go out and we start stretching, again together as one. We warm up in sync.” 


Most people have heard the popular maxim “practice makes perfect”. The girls on the varsity soccer team have slightly altered the phrase, believing instead that practice makes permanent. 


“We do the same drills every day because we really focus on repetition.” said Rodriguez. “We work on offense, defense, and shooting. We cover all of the positions, and then we break and go home. Then the same thing the next day, and the day after that, and again.” 


For Rodriguez, the work that she puts in during practice shines when she’s playing in a game. The repetitive drills that the team executes during practice allow her to focus entirely on the ever-changing landscape of an action-packed varsity soccer game. 


“Whenever I’m playing, I’m locked in.” said Rodriguez. “As corny as it sounds, I’m focused on the game. It’s a brain game, so I’m always thinking about what I’m going to do next and what I can contribute to the team.” 


Rodriguez’s contribution has always mattered to the team, but this year, it is more crucial than ever. As a senior and captain, she sets the standard for the younger members of the team to follow, a role that has been passed to her by past generations of teammates. 


“Cinco High School girls soccer has always been focused on the culture.” said Rodriguez. “As a junior, and as a senior especially, I had to focus on bringing the team together and maintaining the culture that we’ve had for four years.” 


The girls varsity team has presented its fair share of challenges to Rodriguez in her time on the team, but she says she wouldn’t trade it for anything. 


“The sport is great, but the players are even better,” said Rodriguez. “I go to soccer, and all my problems go away.”