Crystal Corner


Nicha Bruce, Staff Writer

Welcome to the Crystal Corner, the complete guide to crystals and how to use them.¬†Crystals are an alternative type of therapy that can improve your mental well-being. Each individual crystal is associated with energies such as tranquilities and positivity. Carrying these crystals is a great way to harness those energies. If you’re looking to get into crystals, here are some great beginner crystals!

  • Selenite
    • A powerful, healing crystal that promotes peace and clarity
  • Amethyst
    • A natural relaxer. It can relieve stress and soothe mood swings. It can also be used for protection.
  • Clear Quartz
    • Increases energy, emotional healing and can remove negativity. It is a cleansing crystal.
  • Rose Quartz
    • Can help with matters of the heart and bring balance.
  • Green Aventurine
    • Can be used to clear emotional blockages and help with trust.