Lifted Lamai

The Making of a Model


Courtesy of Lifted Lamai

Lifted Lamai signed online to join Neal Hamil modeling agency later in July. “Modeling has become a big part of my life,” Lamai said.

Gabrielle Fletcher, Staff Writer

Down the runway she walks. Senior Lifted Lamai began her senior year with a modeling career in the making. Lamai  dreamt of becoming a successful model since she was a toddler prancing through Lagos, Nigeria and she has traveled far to do so. Lamai has moved overseas to America to further her chances in making her dream come true. 

“Becoming a model means everything to me. Growth. Power. Me stepping out of my comfort zone,” Lamai said. 

Lamai started going to school in Houston her 8th grade year. Moving from her home country was hard for her but her parents were set on allowing Lamai to have better educational opportunities in America. Lamai knew that this was a great chance to pursue modeling. 

“At first it was hard leaving everything I knew and meeting new faces and being in a new environment,” Lamai said. “I almost became home sick. But along the way I’ve made true friends and so many amazing memories.”

Lamai mainly focused on her education but when her senior year came close, she took steps to further her modeling. Lamai signed via online to join Neal Hamil agency in late July to progress in modeling. Once the agency saw her application and head shot she submitted, they instantly wanted to work with her.

“I learned how to be a people person. I had to learn how to meet people and get along with them,” Lamai said. “Thankfully I already had experience with that because of the move from my home country to America. Most of all, I had to learn how to do my runway walk and make a poker face.”

 This program has helped Lamai with the start in her career as she has done photo shoots and runways in Houston as well as Los Angeles and New York.

“Modeling has become a big part of my life. I’ve traveled places I never thought I’d go before and it has been an amazing experience so far,” Lamai said.

Lamai’s parents support her dreams, yet they do want their daughter to have a back up plan for her future. Therefore, Lamai has made plans to attend a four-year college to earn a degree in nursing.

“I admit, I had my doubts about the modeling. Lifted’s father and I want the best for our child and only wish that she ends up happy in life. But once we saw how much star potential she has, we couldn’t disagree. However, I do feel that as a parent it is our job to ensure that our child will be able to provide for herself,” Mrs. Lamai said. 

Having her parents’ support means the world to Lamai and she understands where they come from in regards to furthering her education. 

“At the end of the day, it is important that I take advantage of every chance that I have to learn. Nursing isn’t set in stone, It’s just to ensure that I’ll be able to take care of myself when I’m older. However, I do still plan to put forth the effort to further my modeling career. And I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me next,” Lamai said.