Fran Centron

Senior pursues study towards goal of pediatrician at UT-Austin


"My family has always been a motivator for me because being humble and compassionate is something they've always taught me to be," senior Fran Centron said.

Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

As summer, and soon a new school year approaches, anticipation and eagerness fills the air. College choice is decided and boxes get packed. For senior Fran Centron, this excitement includes attending the University of Texas at Austin, where she plans to major in public health and minor in Spanish. Her ultimate is to become a pediatrician.  

“With public health, I feel like I’ll be able to learn about ways to make the community a safer and healthier environment while contributing to others,” Centron said. “My dream is to be a pediatrician, so I also didn’t want to go the basic route of choosing biology to meet my prerequisites for med school and public health is something that needs to be improved as well as to help more people across society.”

Centron also has a personal reason to minor in Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, so by studying it, Centron hopes to reach out and help others.

“I’ve decided to minor in Spanish because I’m a native speaker and I’d like to continue to use a language that has been a huge part of my life, in a professional atmosphere,” Centron said. “It would also be a way that I could facilitate health care to families who may not speak English or feel more comfortable speaking Spanish.”

In high school, Centron participated in extracurriculars such as orchestra, and volunteering which have all helped her be where she is today. But there is one thing that has encouraged her even more.

“My family has always been a motivator for me because being humble and compassionate is something they’ve always taught me to be,” Centron said. 

Her love for children inspired her to pursue becoming a pediatrician, as well as her growing passion for science. 

“Well, I’ve always known that I wanted to work in something that could give back to my community and help others in any way I can,” Centron said. “I’ve also developed a passion for science because it never stops innovation, it’s incredible.”