Luana Muñoz

Senior Sets Academic Track to Become Veterinarian


courtesy of Luana Munoz

Munoz establishes her college plan with hopes of becoming a veterinarian. “I want to be a veterinarian of wild animals, not just domestic animals,” Munoz said.

Jordyn Guzman, Co-Editor

In this world, humans must coexist with millions of creatures that dwell on the land, in the depths of the sea, and in the air as well. Senior Luana Muñoz, an aspiring animal science major with a passion for animals, intends to do just that as she branches into college with hopes of becoming a veterinarian. 

“Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by animals,” Muñoz said. “I have always wanted to become a wild animal veterinarian. I went to some counseling on which major would be the best way to go to reach my goal of becoming a veterinarian and they all said animal science.” 

Animal science is the the study of domesticated companion animals, as well as wildlife and cattle management. It is one of the most common majors for anyone who wishes to pursue a career centered around animals. 

“This major can pave the way to my dream job of being a veterinarian and it’s the best major to lead me to that,” Muñoz said. “I want to be a veterinarian of wild animals, not just domestic animals. I would like to work on a zoo and travel to rescue the animals in their natural habitat.” 

Muñoz will be studying at Houston Community College for a year and then plans to transfer to Texas A&M in College Station. Muñoz has taken many animal-centralized classes at Cinco and attributes much of her success to them. 

“Cinco has classes such as advanced animal science that allow me to prepare for that information in the future,” Muñoz said. “The teachers do an amazing job at making sure students understand their responsibility and how they could use what they’re learning in their lives outside the school.” 

Outside of a learning environment, Muñoz attributes her passion for animals and her career goals to the beloved animal scientist, Steve Irwin. He hosted many shows revolving around teaching other people about wildlife up until his death in 2006. 

“Steve Irwin is my hero and I dream to be just like him,” Muñoz said, “I have been following Steve Irwin’s career since I was a child. Everything he did just amazed me. He would seek the animals that everyone seemed to be against and explained their importance in the ecosystem to educate people and help the animals. That really inspired me” 

Muñoz seeks the betterment and rescue of animals in their natural habitat and going right to the source as opposed to traditional methods of care. She cites the importance of nature and harmony with wildlife with humans as two of her most important motivations. 

“Humans need to realize they share this planet with other beings, and really think about what they want and need,” Muñoz said, “If they manage to separate their wants and needs better in terms of the environment,  I believe it would give a good start for future generations to coexist with the world around them.”