Cowboy Craftsmenship

Houston Rodeo Features Student Art

Joshua Piper, Staff Writer

Across Texas, student artists of all ages began submitting art pieces to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art contest recently. With pieces having gone up for auction for $240,000, this contest could change any student’s life dramatically for the better. Cinco Ranch Senior, Angel Luo, and Junior, Hiori Mizuno, have both qualified for auction at the Houston Rodeo. This means their pieces will be exhibited for a silent auction at the Rodeo.
Eva Buck, another Cinco Ranch Senior, also competed in the contest, submitting her piece “The Path Untaken”. It depicts two girls on horseback smiling as they ride across a beautiful, green field.
“Curiosity rules the day as the girls forge their own path through the meadow,” Buck said, “In youth, we experiment and explore the unknown. Although time moves on and days will fall to dusk, using imagination and keeping a youthful spirit will brighten everything.”

I want my art to take you to a different place, a different time, maybe that place doesn’t even exist.” -Eva Buck”

— Eva Buck

Buck painted “The Path Untaken” using photorealism techniques to capture aspects of the original photo. These techniques allow her to capture the setting eloquently while still allowing for her own artistic style to show.
“You take the time to really observe your surroundings and what you’re trying to paint,” Buck said, “Everyone gets caught up in living quickly and have all these goals, but whenever you take a step back and just focus on this peaceful scene and the different lights, shadows, and colors you can really start to see everything you didn’t really see before.”
To Buck, photorealism presents a way to decompress and truly savor the beauty of a scene. Furthermore, art has become a way for Buck to make a statement without words. Instead, she does so with brilliant blues, calming greens, and any other color imaginable.
“I want my art to take you to a different place, a different time, maybe that place doesn’t even exist,” Buck said, “It just seems out of this world.”
Regardless of if a piece is displayed at auction, every one of these aforementioned artists continue to improve upon their techniques and never cease to amaze their viewers. The Cinco Ranch Art program possesses unbelievable talent, and the incredible ability to make a statement and inspire others with their art.