Go Big or Go Fish

Fine Arts Department Comes Together To Produce Musical


Abigail Fosburgh

Big Fish production members take a bow after their final dress rehearsal.

Gabrielle Fletcher, Staff Writer

Choir, orchestra, theater, and band came together for a collaboration to present “Big Fish” the Musical. All fine arts participants prepared for the biggest show of the school year and the time came upon them for the current to arise on their hard work. Musicals are theatrical productions that require time, commitment and hard work. All the three departments have been preparing for months for their debut.

Theater director Meaghan Cybulski has been with the school’s theatre company since she began teaching in 2015. She has grown from her experience as a teacher and a co-director to organize this cooperative event.

“The rehearsal process was very exciting because it was really cool to work with all of the cast members and stage managers,” Cybulski said. “Just seeing them get onstage, trying different things and figuring out what worked and what didn’t work was challenging when there were a lot of people on stage. Just making sure that everybody was in a position where we could see them and they could still represent their characters well. Although exhausting with all the hours that we put in, I am very proud of the cast and crew’s hard-work.”

Though the directors must put up with a lot, students across the different departments have also put in hours of rehearsal time. Asher Osborn, a member of Cinco’s theatre troupe, played a large part in this year’s production.

“Cybulski and Wile do a good job of conveying what they want for the show to the actors and crew,” Osborn said. “It’s a fun process watching the show start so little and turn into this production that we are all excited about performing in.”

Opening night, Jan. 30, 31 and Feb. 1, saw the departments come together for their debut.

“Even though it took so much effort, it was so worth it because seeing people with makeup running down their faces from crying so hard just shows what it was all for and it was to spread the message to be the hero,” theater member Haley Hudson said. “It was a really awesome experience and I’m glad I had it.”