Featuring Alumni- Farhana Rabbi

Celeste Hoover, Staff Writer

If you were to make a movie about Farhana Rabbi’s life, it would probably involve Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. A lot of them.

“My favorite CRHS memories involve freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies in the rotunda,” Rabbi said.

Rabbi graduated Cinco Ranch in 2010 and finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas-Austin in 2014 before completing her Masters in Education at John Hopkins University. Today, she works in Washington DC reforming the educational system.

In my profession, I work to advance educational equity on two levels: broad systems view and direct community service,” Rabbi said. “I work full-time as Programs Manager at Raise DC, where we convene city leaders to move forward results in five goal areas through collective impact. I also manage the High Quality Schools Campaign with DC School Reform Now, a community-based organization focused on making the complex public school system more understandable and accessible to families.”

Being an editor of the County Line, member of FBLA and Model UN programs, Rabbi had a busy high school schedule.

Fill your time with productive extracurriculars,” Rabbi said. “Being very involved in school and community activities has directly correlated to getting me to and through my career. It gave me early confidence in constructing my thoughts, speaking them in public, managing conflicts and projects alongside people from all walks of life, and a whole host of other skills. There’s immense value in challenging yourself early and often!”

Even nine years later, Cinco memories and people continue to stand out and influence Rabbi’s life.

Mr. Ed Larsen and Mrs. Marcia Simmons have had an immense impact on deepening and broadening my perspective in life,” Rabbi said. “And I have a forever special place in my heart for my brilliant editor-friends, Ani Ajith and Ayla Syed. They all played huge roles in shaping who I am now!”

One of Rabbi’s many hobbies is traveling around the world. Having just taken from a trip to south Asia, she returned with some international photos and advice for current students.

As soon as you’re able and as much as you can- travel,” Rabbi said. “There is much to learn from within your own world; there is endlessly more to discover about yourself and others by engaging with the unfamiliar.


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