The best and the wurst

German students compete at Houstonfest

Rachel Foreman, Staff Writer

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  • Juniors Hannah Robbins, Emily Gift, Kayla Rector, Sara Ristic, and Emily Phelps wait for the first events to begin.

  • German Club students unload the bus at Hoggs Junior High on the day of competition.

  • Juniors Ari Rosenberg, Emily Phelps, and Sara Ristic begin to turn in art events.

  • Seniors Reyna Ledet and Michelle Long head to their first event.

  • Senior Rachel Foreman studies her script for the play.

  • T-Shirt design created by senior Rachel Pham.

  • A scrapbook created by seniors Angelica Arinze , Karolis Vaiciulis, and Megan Ward.

  • Senior Angelica Arinze prepares for her events.

    Ari Rosenberg

  • Senior Meg Haveman waits in the cafeteria for Polka Band.

  • Frau Kirby hands out event folders before Houstonfest.

  • A photograph by senior Karolis Vaiciulis.

  • German Club students ride the bus to Houstonfest.

  • German Club students load the bus with props and instruments.

  • A traditional Gingerbread House created by seniors Natalie Grant and Morgan Bush.

  • Non-Traditional Gingerbread House created by senior Natalie Grant.

  • Das ist Lustig and German students from various schools perform before the award ceremony.

  • Sophomore Ankita Ghosh, senior Fenton Luong, and sophomore Isabella Conti practice for Contemporary Music.

  • Senior Karolis Vaiciulis packs his bag before Houstonfest.

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