Bravo holds annual Winter Social Performance

Joe Powell, Staff Writer

The Bravo Show Choir held their annual winter ‘Snowball Social’ on Dec. 1 in the main commons. They continued the yearly holiday tradition by delivering a performance of various Christmas themed songs.

 “Christmas time is my favorite time of year, and the Snowball Social really kicked off the season for me,” senior Emma Gruenberger said.

As Christmas approached, the choir prepared to celebrate for another holiday season with coffee and songs.

 “The choir has been doing the Snowball Social for many years now,” Gruenberger said, “I’ve been a part of the choir for four years now,” she said.

The Choir supplied various delicacies in between performances for the singers and spectators alike.

 “You walk into the main commons and you’re just welcomed to such a Christmas-y vibe,” Gruenberger said. “There were mainly round tables to sit at, and in the back they had the refreshments, such as coffee, tea and desserts of all kinds.”

The snowball social this year was brought down a couple sizes due to low attendance of both performing students and audience members, but according to Gruenberger, this didn’t diminish the spirits or quality.

 “The show lasted for about an hour and the whole group sang Christmas songs,” Gruenberger said. “Admittedly it was quite a smaller concert than previous years, but personally I thought it was really nice and intimate that way. There were also a couple solos and duets which were also delivered flawlessly. It was such a relaxing way to spend my Friday night.”