Short to leave lawn legacy

Emily Burleson, Staff Writer

Junior Corbin Short is not necessarily considered an average teenager.

Not only is he involved in a sport, he also attends church every weekday morning at 6 a.m. and is a member of PALS. Short does all of this and more – he runs his own lawn care business.

“I’m in football, sometimes I do debate, and I go to church every morning at six,” Short said. “I mow usually two yards a day during the week and then on the weekend I’ll mow however many are left over.” Short said.

Short has been in charge of his business, Short Grass, since his freshman year.

“I have a friend who [mowed lawns]. He and somebody else had thirty yards that they did every week, so I thought it would be really cool,” Short said. “I like being an entrepreneur. It’s fun to manage it because it is your business, you can choose your hours, and you have control over everything.”

Even though Short manages his business on his own, he plans to hire extra people to help him do the lawn care.

“I plan on growing my business by hiring crews, which I have already somewhat done.” Short said.

Although he would like Short Grass to be the “world’s largest lawn mowing business”, in reality, Short does not plan to continue managing his business after graduation.

“Unless it becomes a really big and successful business, I plan on handing my business down to another kid with enough motivation.” Short said.