Twilight moms revealed

Ellie Sedgwick, staff writer

As Breaking Dawn’s November 18 release date approaches, teenage girls will be digging out their vampire fangs, “Team Jacob” or “Team Edward” t-shirts and body glitter for when they watch the world-famous story about a vampire boy falling in love with a mortal girl. But little do they know their mothers might be doing the same.

“I started reading the books after I started hearing everyone talk about them,” Shauna Harry, mother of two young children, said. “Then I was hooked. I finished reading all the books before the first movie came out, so I couldn’t wait.”

Even mothers with children too young to appreciate the movies are addicted to the popular series written by author Stephanie Meyer.

“At this time, they don’t think anything,” Kim Novosad, mother of three, said. “When the next movie comes out, they will laugh and giggle and ask me if I am going to see it.”

Some mothers have their kids— mainly their sons— scoff at them for their obsession.

“My son thinks it is sad,” Ruth Kay, mother of two, said. “My daughter thinks I am fabulous because she’s equally obsessed.”

Kay is also laughed at by her non-Twilight friends.

“My friends think I am a cougar,” Kay said. “My kids say ‘It is wrong, Mom, to like him—he’s too young for you!’”

At least these TwiMoms are not alone— their friends are often just as fanatic.

“My friends are all just as obsessed, thankfully,” Carly Mazella, mother of two, said. “My fiancé thinks we are a bunch of weirdos.”

Some might be a little too addicted, she said.

“One of my friends has an Edward Cullen doll that she takes everywhere with her, so he always comes with us to the movies,” she said. “Did I mention she is 33 [years old]?”

Some mothers join various Facebook groups and pages to keep tabs on the movies, like Sandra Fortune, mother of two.

“I pretty much know who is a fan and who is not because of the Facebook comments when a new movie comes out,” she said. “I think it is funny when the ‘Twilight Haters’ are just as passionate about hating it as the Twilight fans are of loving it.”

Fortune was a bit cautious about reading the books and watching the movies, since she thought they were mainly teenage girl hobbies.

“I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to start reading the books, but once I read the first one I was hooked,” she said. “My girls think it is funny that I count down the days until the next movie comes out.”

Mazella’s daughter Olivia, 11, thinks it is all very odd— but Mazella has a good way of straightening her out.

“She thinks my friends and I are crazy for being so obsessed,” Mazella said. “But then I remind her how obsessed she is with Justin Bieber.  She’s a Beliber— we’re just Twiaholics.”