Mission trip changes lives, inspires others to serve

Sebastian de Castro

Head custodian Tarrell Jones (Mr. T.) had a calling from the heart to aid needy children, so last month, he attended a mission trip funded by a non-profit organization started by one of the members of the Cinco Ranch staff.

Carrie’s Heart, a non-profit organization, sponsors trips to the Yucatan region of Mexico. Their mission is to bring supplies to the sponsored children. Based in Houston, Carrie’s Heart is dedicated to help out children with disabilities. Whether the children have a physical disability or the family has an economic crisis, this organization provides them the basic needs they require.

Mr. T. raised close to $700 from donations to finance the trip.

“I emailed all my friends and family about the good cause and to give with the heart.  They did not hesitate to support the foundation,” Mr. T said.

He sent them a link to an online fundraising page he created for the organization. The page allowed all guests to donate immediately online after reading about the mission work.

“I had a calling to help the kids in need,” Mr. T. Said. “I am here to give.”

Carrie Conn is the TIP (Therapeutic Intervention Program) teacher at Cinco. She founded Carrie’s Heart six years ago in Dec. 2005.

“Children with disabilities are still in separate schools from their peers,” Conn said. “Children with multiple disabilities and medical issues, like our special needs students, do not have the opportunity to go to school at all.”

On past trips, the organization brought school supplies and visited the children’s homes to help the families. In this mission trip, the goal was to provide basic needs for the children.

“We brought nutritional supplements, diapers, medical supplies and birthday gifts for the children,” Conn said.

The four-day mission trip was the best and most positive experience in Mr. T’s life. It reminded him how blessed he is and how good it feels to help others.

“When I was visiting their houses, it let me see the things they do not have that we take for granted every day, including lights and running water,” he said. “It makes you more aware of how grateful we should all be to be born healthy. It always fills your heart to spread love and kindness to those less fortunate.”

Most importantly, Mr. T. felt he established a strong relationship with these children by positively impacting their lives.

“I feel like I touched the hearts of the children…you could tell by the smiles on their faces and the way they looked at me,” Mr. T. said.

According to Conn, money is not the only solution. Social change and political policies addressing human’s right to education and affordable access to medical care are a step in the right direction. Mr. T. adds on to the list.

“All the riches in the world will not be enough to save these kids,” Mr. T said. “I would take one step at a time to change a child’s life.