My sibling left for college. Now what?

Shiva Mirzahaidar, Staff Writer

Welcome all, to the journey of self revelation…well, something close to it. Follow this path, The Path of Progress, to get over your sibling leaving for college. 

Stage One: Whatever. Imagine a world where the doors to rebel with getting caught are wide open! The computer is all yours and you no longer have to deal with the embarrassment of being hacked on your facebook page.  Friends can come over without worrying about a picture of you as a toddler in the bathtub ending up in their hands. The cookies you and your sibling always fought over are now in constant supply. Your favorite top always ends up in your closet, not under their bed. This is living!

Stage Two: Boredom.  The long days in your sibling’s car are over.  You will now find yourself sitting in front of the couch trying to find excitement in a Hoover vacuum infomercial at three in the morning. A pillow of candy will surround you as your stomach begins to expand and echo in an eerie tone.  Oh, the joy! Unfortunately, vacuums never were or ever will be something you should enjoy; neither is feeling a load of food creep up your throat. If you do find happiness in a vacuum, it is time we part and you begin seeking help elsewhere.

Stage Three: Regret. Why did you neglect giving your sibling one last hug? …Or punch? It would not make you seem like a loser to give them a little smile, or to shed a single tear. Even if you do find yourself being laughed at, walk away with your head held high, because you my friend have swag. Do not be afraid to tell your sibling about how much you miss them, they most likely (hopefully) feel the same way.

Stage Four: Acceptance. They are gone. Found new passions, new things to look forward to, and new people to talk to. It is about time you focus on yourself. Join a new club, get your license, invite friends over or find a new hobby. Discover something about yourself that you never knew. Allowing yourself to move on is a good way to accept the fact that your sibling will not be walking through the front door for a while. Learning to keep in touch with your sibling is the difference between acceptance and denial. Facebook, Skype, Email or the simple phone call will help to fill the void of missing your sibling.

Now that you have completed this rigorous journey, I must bid you a farewell. You, however, must say your hellos, as a bright future is in the process of being illuminated.