First photography club meeting kicks off

Shiva Mirzahaidar, Staff Writer

The new Photography Club held its first meeting on Sept. 8 with over 30 interested students who attended. Sophomore Beth Legg, who founded the club in order to share photography with others, said that the meeting was a success.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout.” Sophomore Kelly McComas said.” One sponsor [Multimedia teacher and football coach Quentin White] told Beth not to be upset if only three or four people came, and we had close to 30. I hope everyone keeps coming throughout the year.”

Club sponsors journalism adviser Mr. Larsen along with Coach White offer support to all of the members by offering photography advice and insight.

 “The biggest thing is to let the students go with it and just be their guide. We can help them grow by being a source with what we have been through,” Coach White said.

Legg appreciates the assistance and has found it to be vital to the club’s success.

 “They are both awesome and really know their photography,” Legg said.

Members discussed and painted posters promoting the club during the first meeting.

Sophomore Paula Benavides shared McComas’ enthusiasm.

“I thought it was a great way to kick off the club. Most of our memories are kept through photographs, so I’m not surprised to see so many kids come together because of the same love for photography,” Benavides said.

Plans for upcoming events are still underway, but Legg is looking forward to upcoming photograph excursions around Houston.

“As a new club, we are going to be as active as possible. This means we will take field trips, enter contests, and have a photography show benefitting a charity throughout this year,” Legg said.

According to Legg, anyone is welcome to join throughout the year.

“I was worried that it would be awkward if everyone in the club was better than me, but it’s not a competition and everyone is on different levels, so it’s actually just fine,” McComas said.

 A Facebook group has been set up called CRHS photography club – Katy, Tx where club updates and ideas from members will be captured. Users can also attach a link to their Flickr accounts, a website where photographers gain inspiration from one another’s work by posting pictures.

“I have found the best way to grow and gain talent in photography is by learning from and seeing the work of other people,” McComas said, “I always want to improve.”

Legg encourages photographers of all skill levels to join the club and experiment with their cameras.

“I am looking forward to getting to know all of the members and their photographic style and working together on all our fun projects,” Legg said.