Cinco Ranch Presents…

Taral Patel, News Editor

DJ A-Fray: Legacies live on in the Frailey household.  Anderson’s father and Katy ISD Superintendent, Alton Frailey, used to DJ during his days in high school in college. Following his example, Anderson finds both the music and the monetary incentive an irrefutable and irresistible offer.  Anderson generally plays more pop or techno for dance music with the inclusion of hip-hop and other genres to provide a carefully balanced mix to the crowd. Even after two years of DJing, when working with the DJing software he still “learns something new every day.”Additionally, Anderson has to balance schoolwork with his flourishing musical venture.  “Thankfully most of what I do is during the summer or weekends,” he said. In fact, Anderson will be serving the attendees of school dances next year, including homecoming. Anderson’s philosophy on the importance of music highlights music as a method of expression. “Music is something where you can really express your feelings. If you’re not good at writing or drawing, music is another way to express yourself.” Anderson enjoys music that is characterized as “clean, energetic, and complete with a nice beat so people can really get into it.” Anderson’s favorite artists include Moosh and Twist, a duo freshly out of high school, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean. “I really enjoy a pretty wide variety of music, but I really do like many lesser known music groups on the side. But for the parties or dances, I’ll listen to more of the mainstream radio.” When asking Anderson, what his goals are with DJing, he answers, “My goal is to give the crowd an amazing time before anything else.”

 Jake Glass: This Cinco senior has been creating music since the 5th grade. Jake loves “all kinds of country music.”  He follows his passion by playing a variety of instruments that include guitar, banjo, piano, and mandolin as an absolute favorite. Jake has delved into numerous different genres in folksy music from bluegrass to rock to the blues and “pretty much everything.”  He “likes passion in his music” and enjoys composing pieces to illustrate “what’s going on around the world.”  After a few years of solid practicing, Jake has mastered the art of singing and playing at once. Drawing inspiration from talented artists such as the Avett Brothers, Andrew Bird, and the Tallest Man on Earth, Jake likes to kick back and just enjoy “folksy” music. Over the years, Jake has performed at various events including a benefit concert, Church performances, and classic jam sessions with friends.

Austin Crosby: When it comes to playing music or singing, junior Austin Crosby can give anyone a run for their money. Not only has Austin been playing the piano for over ten years, he is a member of Cinco’s varsity choir and show choir, as well as a high school band at the Second Baptist Church. Austin has a treasure trove of experience with musical instruments.  “Along with singing I play the piano, guitar, and drums,” said Austin.  Austin has spent his last few years performing in Cinco, talent shows, coffee houses, and a summer camp. “I hope to continue performing as long as I live.”Listening to artists like Brandon Heath and John Mayer, Crosby is able to draw inspiration for his future ambitions. “I am really interested in studying music business or music production” with a potential career as “a producer, singer, songwriter, or even a worship leader.” Austin believes that “music has the power to help people cope with different struggles, help to escape from reality.” “Sometimes, music can be simply uplifting.”

Ryan Hayes: When asked to describe himself, senior Ryan Hayes says, “Music is my life.” Ryan began learning guitar at the age of 5 and has also taught himself to play the drums and bass. Already aiming for a professional career in music, Ryan has a recording studio in his house which he uses to produce his own and other bands’ music. “I want to invest my time in playing my instruments and producing music from my recording studio at home,” said Ryan. For Ryan, music has a very special meaning. “Music invokes my emotions and always relates to something in life.” So far, Ryan has already performed at Warehouse live, multiple churches, and at local schools including Cinco. “I want to go far with music because I love it so much.”

DJ Neptunez: Hero to those that enjoy “house, techno, hip hop, rap, and all forms of mainstream music.” Senior Kelsey Hamblin, also known as Disc Jockey (DJ) Neptunez, has a rigorous schedule that forces him to balance schoolwork, basketball, and DJing at a professional studio, The Lion’s Den, in downtown Houston. Kelsey spends his time there mixing and mastering the songs of new artists to promote their work. He has worked at weddings, nightclubs, and teen parties with large ambitions for next year.  Kelsey loves the universal “capture and appeal” of music and how “it can relate to people.” He is also a big proponent of using music in education because it can “help kids learn material like their 123s or their ABCs” in a fun and entertaining manner.  DJ Neptunez plans to continue his work at the Lion’s Den and at other private events.  In his work and personal taste, Kelsey finds favorites in artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean.