Meme Review 3: Dog Duel

A Duel of the Dog Memes

Joshua Piper, Staff Writer

With the birth of a new dog meme, “Walter The Dog”, the comparison to a much older dog meme, entitled the “Doge” meme, is almost mandatory. This comparison will allow for a decision as to which meme is the ultimate dog meme.

The “Doge” Meme

The elder of the two, the “Doge” meme, traces back to 2010. Kindergarten teacher, Atsuko Sato, took photos of her Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu. These photos became popular in 2013, and were often accompanied by comic sans text. The Shibu Inu even found its way onto a political platform as multiple edited photos of the dog in sections labeled with differing political parties. Furthermore, the “Doge” meme has been dubbed “Meme of the Decade” with last Meme Review’s “Woman and Cat meme” coming in at second place. Overall, Doge has become one of the most iconic memes of all time, and seemingly has endless possibilities in terms of use.

The “Walter the Dog” Meme

The more recent dog meme, “Walter the Dog” originated from a twitter post from the PupperNelson account. This tweet included a photo of Nelson the dog looking directly at the camera. While the tweet vaguely defines the meme as a reactionary meme, meaning a meme to use as a response to a situation, the internet seems to find the photo itself humorous. The meme has often been used in a way to emphasize the dopey attributes to the photo, and the appearance of the dog is often the punchline within these memes. Thus, the meme, despite the lack of clarity, carries an identity. Furthermore, the meme can be cleverly used due to its identity, solidifying its spot as a staple meme.


Out of the two, the identity of “Walter the Dog” would cause it to be a better meme than “Doge” on paper. In actuality, “Doge” is more popularized due to the originality as dog memes were not as popular in 2013. Thus, once can see why the “Doge” meme has thrived, but due to the hilarity of “Walter the Dog” it surpasses the comedy of “Doge”.

Which is the ultimate dog meme champion?

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