Bad Boys For Life Review [SPOILER FREE]


Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, courtesy of Sony Pictures

Gabrielle Fletcher, Staff Writer

The boys are back! The dynamic duo, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, both hit cinemas around the world in another sequel of one of their biggest hit movies Bad Boys featuring other actors and actresses such as Vanessa Hudgens and Charles Melton.

In this action packed film, Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnette (Lawrence) are faced with a cold-blooded assassin who goes on a rampage killing multiple law enforcement veterans. One of them being Lowrey himself. Lowrey faces death head on when he is shot several times and spends months in the hospital recovering while Burnette is right by his side helping any way he can. When Lowrey fully recovers he is determined to find the killer that almost ended his life. With the help of Burnette and the FBI they find an unexpected surprise behind the killer played by Jacob Scipio. As a team, they all gather up to face the killer and bring justice to those who were lost.

The film had great combat and many thrilling scenes to make the story as amazing as it was all while continuing the bond between Smith and Lawrence as actors and friends.