Waterparks Concert Review


Courtesy of Rock Sound

Jordyn Guzman, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Waterparks has made somewhat of a name for themselves through the pop punk scene of music. The Houston-based band is well known for being unapologetically loud and somewhat chaotic, which is very evident through their live shows. Waterparks’s show at Warehouse Live was one to remember. 

The first act, DeWayne Jackson, is a classic among the Waterparks fanbase and gained a lot of traction in his career because of Waterparks and their fanbase. Appearing originally on the Entertainment tour, he returned for the Fandom tour. DeWayne is one to remember with his eccentric style and kind personality. Being more of a hip hop artist, one may think that he should not be the opening act for a pop punk show, but ever since the Entertainment tour, he has sort of built up a reputation for being right at Waterparks’s side. He puts on a good show and is able to keep audiences entertained even if they may not know his music, making it very easy for him to gain new fans. 

The second opener was an interesting one. Kitten, a band who has been together since 2009, was following Waterparks on this tour. At first, their set started off slow, mainly because almost no one who attended knew any songs. But as the show progressed, and the lead singer started climbing and  hanging from the rafters of the venue, the audience was as hype as if they were here to see Kitten only. Both opening acts were perfect for this tour. 

After a long time of waiting, It was finally time for Waterparks to take the stage. The lights dimmed, and the introduction to their song “Cherry Red” blasted through the venue. Through all of the lights, loud noises, and highlighter-green wig adorned atop his head, almost no one realized that the singer, “Awsten Knight,” was actually his friend, Travis. Travis then walked off the stage, and the real Awsten ran on stage and continued the transition into “Watch What Happens Next”. 

The concert was very energetic and never seemed to slow down. With the band playing all the best and most popular songs, Awsten Knight making the crowd sing his vocal warmups, and singing happy birthday to Travis around seven times in different languages, the show never had a dull moment. The show only stopped once, when there was a medical emergency in the crowd, which the band respectfully stopped for the girl and made sure everything was being handled appropriately. 911 was called, and when the girl was moved from the scene and safely given to the paramedics, the show continued on. 

Out of all the Waterparks concerts I have attended, this tour was the most fun I have had at one of their shows by far. The setlist, the opening acts, and the atmosphere were all close to perfection.