Queen and Slim


Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith as Queen and Slim

Gabrielle Fletcher, Staff Writer

Queen and Slim, a thriller by Lena Waithe, was released to Cinemas on November 27. The film tells the story of Slim (Daniel Kaluuya) and Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith), two young Black people out on a casual date who find themselves in a plot-twisting situation involving their murder of a rogue Caucasian police officer who was trying to harm them. With the help of old friends, loved ones, and strangers, Queen and Slim travel far to try and escape their fate of being incarcerated for their crime. Their path to freedom came to be more of a purpose for their lives together. All around the world people are cheering on and protesting that Queen and Slim be left alone as their crime was an act of self defense. The story discusses that police brutality and discrimination against black people are still prevalent issues in our world today while sending out the message that we become who we are to each other. We become each others’ legacies when fighting for and loving one another and that is the biggest impact anything can have on this world.