Meme Review 2: The Woman and Cat Meme

Smudge The Cat Leaves Mark On Meme Culture


Photo Courtesy of Imgflip

The “Woman and Cat Meme” rose to popularity relatively recently. It first surfaced May 1, 2019.

Joshua Piper, Staff Writer

With the beginning of a new year, many new memes have already emerged. Today, for the second Meme Review, we will be delving into a meme originating prior to 2020.

In the spring of 2019, two images were paired and immediately became popular for the differing moods of the two photos. The pictures were put together by Twitter user @MISSINGEGIRL.

One image depicts The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ personality Taylor Armstrong in an emotional encounter on the show while the other depicts a cat named Smudge judgmentally looking across a table. 

This meme is employed to often convey two opposing views on certain situations and images. Smudge usually portrays a snarky view on the topic while Armstrong conveys a more emotionally invested point of view. Other uses of the meme display Armstrong as a parental figure and Smudge as a disgruntled or dismissive child. 

Below are some examples.




Rating: 23.39/25 


The Woman and Cat Meme provides some of the greatest entertainment meme culture saw in 2019. Unlike the Blue Button Meme, the Woman and Cat Meme possesses a certain personality even without the context of a caption. Therefore, the caption only boosted the humorous content encompassed by the images.