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Lost in Translation

Snovia Moiz, Voice Editor December 17, 2013

There was a time when education was a privilege meant only for the elite. Tutors were hired for children of wealthy families, teaching two to three languages,  while the rest of the population could not...

Update: State increases school funding in response to lawsuit

Trevor Nichols, News Editor April 12, 2013

In response to the ruling that Texas’ state education funding system is unconstitutional, the Texas state legislature is considering increasing state funding to schools. In February, Travis County...

State education funding policies ruled unconstitutional

Trevor Nichols, News Editor February 14, 2013

Travis County District Judge John K. Dietz ruled the state of Texas’ current educational funding system unconstitutional on Feb. 5.  The ruling follows a lawsuit charging that the state  did not provide...

What went wrong with public education?

February 14, 2013

After a year of debate, the Court, on Feb. 5, ruled the Texas educational funding system to be unconstitutional in light of its inability to equally provide the same quality of education for all students...

Junior Stu Dent drowns in own tears due to homework

Trevor Nichols, News Editor February 14, 2013

Junior Stu Dent drowned in his own tears after receiving a large amount of homework on Tuesday. Dent, trapped under piles of worksheets and assignments, was unable to escape the flooding. “It’s...

Education complication

Emily Burleson, Staff Writer December 12, 2012

Students spend a large amount of time working on homework, and for those who focus most of their energy on receiving competitive grades, it is exhausting and not very beneficial. Newly elected French...

Opposing viewpoints part one: Why I support Obama

Trevor Nichols, News editor November 5, 2012

This November, Americans will vote whether to keep President Obama in office for another four years, or elect Governor Romney to the presidency. For the following reasons, I support re-electing President...

Why sex ed should be taught in Texas schools

November 2, 2012

With Texas schools putting forth strong efforts in order to educate students about math, language, English and other subjects, little emphasis is placed on sex education. Curriculum is taken a step down,...

KISD finalizes $556 million budget deal

Taral Patel, News Editor September 6, 2011

The Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees agreed on the proposed budget on Aug. 29, which called for $563 million in revenues and $556 million in expenditures for the current school year. Katy...

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