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2015 Oscar Predictions: Daniel Kibbe’s Top Picks

2015 Oscar Predictions: Daniel Kibbe's Top Picks

Daniel Kibbe, Contributor

February 21, 2015

Best Picture What will win: Boyhood Possible upset: Birdman The nominees: American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Selma, The Theory of Everything, Whiplash This category could really go either way: Boyhood and Birdman have an equal chance, with the forme...

College Application Guide: University of Texas at Austin

College Application Guide: University of Texas at Austin

Eryn Lyle, Staff Writer

November 2, 2014

When you apply for the University of Texas at Austin, one of the required statements you must agree to is the University Code of Conduct: “The core values of The University of Texas at Austin are learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility. Each member of...

Students come back only to give up resolutions

Molly Wade, Co-Web Editor

January 7, 2013

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Behind Mariam El Wakil’s Smile

Ana Gutierrez, Entertainment Editor

January 7, 2013

On January of 2011, millions of Egyptians joined to form an uprising aimed at dethroning the president of the time, Hosni Mubarak. What began as peaceful acts of civil disobedience concluded in hundreds of citizens dead and thousands injured by violent responses from governmental forces. Protesters demanded...

Behind Kelly Thomson’s Smile

Ana Gutierrez, Entertainment Editor

October 24, 2012

As the Christmas break approaches, Kelly Thomson and her mom try on shoes - Chacos to be exact - for the Costa Rica mission trip planned for the summer. The weather outside is splendid, Christmas music plays in every corner; things just could not get any better.  Yet all of a sudden, Mrs. Thomson begins...

Behind James Sutjianto’s smile

Ana Gutierrez, Entertainment Editor

October 4, 2012

I always thought that looking through someone else's eyes would only change my perspective, not my literal point of view. After talking to senior James Sutjianto, I realized that if I were to look through his eyes, point of view would make a huge difference. I would feel invisible way too easily, way...

Behind Brandon Flowers’ Smile

Ana Gutierrez, Entertainment Editor

September 19, 2012

Brandon Flowers would likely argue that his good looks are more than enough to make people smile. Yet we all know that it takes more than that; it takes a little bit of charm, good intentions, style—a knack for making others feel comfortable. It just happens to be that Brandon has those characteristics...

Just Jackie

Molly Wade, Co-Web Editor

September 11, 2012


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