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2016-2017 Staff

Sandra Yu

Staff Writer

Sandra Yu: senior, coffee aficionado, and lover of the great outdoors. If she isn’t at the gym or at work, she can probably be found petting the furriest dog in the nearest vicinity. Sandra has an eclecti...

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Ana Medina

Staff Writer

This is Ana Medina. She is a junior and staff writer. When she is not ranting about the destructive flaws of society as a whole and fighting for feminism, Ana enjoys binge watching on Netflix, writing po...

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Seth Ritchie

Staff Writer

Seth Ritchie is a junior and works as a staff writer for the County Line. Between mental breakdowns and the occasional existential nightmare, Seth likes to relax with friends, play video games, and watch way...

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Madison Ratcliff

Staff Writer

Staff writer Madison Ratcliff has survived three years of high school and is finally ready for her senior year. In addition to writing for the County Line staff, she swims for the varsity swim team and w...

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Roba Abousaway


Senior Roba Abousaway is finishing up her last year of high school as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the County Line. When she is not off interviewing someone in pursuit of her next story, you can probably find he...

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Meherina Khan


Meherina Khan is a senior and Co-editor-in-Chief of the County Line. When she's not busy saving the world from devastation or attempting to survive in the cesspool that is college applications, she is...

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Joe Powell

Staff Writer

Joe Powell, resident Brit, crazy Chelsea fan and lover of tea. This is Joe’s first year in the County line and is (surprisingly) now a junior at Cinco Ranch. Joe is eager to prove his worth and get a he...

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Nandika Mansingka

Staff Writer

Nandika Mansingka is a first year staff writer and sophomore. When she isn’t making obscure references to various books, sleeping and/or worrying, she enjoys writing and looks fondly to Rita Skeeter fo...

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Joanne Chavali


Co-Editor-in-Chief Joanne Chavali is here at the final frontier of her high school career. She has endured too much stress for a 17-year-old to face, an endless stream of homework assignments and three ...

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Kayley Pham

Staff Writer

Kayley Pham is a first year staff writer. She’s already been hit with a major case of senioritis, but that’s okay because she’ll just ditch all her schoolwork for the County Line. When she’s n...

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Brynne Herzfeld

Voice Editor

This is Brynne. She is a junior. She does things. She does things like be the Voice Editor for the County Line for two years. Sometimes she wins awards. She wants to win another one. That might not hap...

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Maria Salome Cadavid

Staff Writer

If you’re looking for Maria, you will most likely catch her in a rush or in some sort of chaotic situation. Most of the time she’s looking like a mess, but trying to make good things happen with a ...

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Jenny Jiang

Staff Writer

Senior Jenny Jiang is a first-year staff writer on the County Line. You can often find her playing piano or guitar and singing in her free time. She enjoys all kinds of music from rock to pop to elect...

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Samuel Teas

Features Editor

Samuel Teas, after somehow managing to crawl to the end of sophomore year, is continuing his high school career as a Junior and Features Editor of the CRHS County Line. Sam has a passion for the newsp...

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